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Recruiting Services

Screening & Qualifying

Our job, each and every day is to identify quality Auditors and IT Auditors for our client companies, which results in working with a number of people who are professional, career motivated and solution orientated. Our success is measurable and we take pride in the fact that for every 3.5 interviews, an offer is made and accepted. When compared to the industry average of 12 interviews to generate an acceptance, we are doing a solid job of qualifying our candidates before discussing a specific job. Through our comprehensive interviewing process we “get to the real motivation” of our candidates and ultimately save client companies the frustration of making an offer to “another tire kicker”. Commitment to quality dictates that the company and opportunity be right for the candidate and the candidate must be right for the company. Since we work Nationwide, we represent key Auditors and IT Auditors located within most markets.

Precision Results

In today’s high demand marketplace, we provide targeted Search and Placement services that sharpen and exceed goals, increase productivity, save time and money, and take the guesswork out of the process. Our staff has extensive experience in placing Information System Auditors and Auditors within all industries. Because we constantly work with companies in your field, our consultants are well informed about salaries, benefits and other key issues and they have the industry contracts that are vital to a productive search. We take the time to gain detailed knowledge of your company – to zero in on your specific needs and goals and function like an extension of your own department.

Experienced Recruiters

We don’t waste time by flooding your office with resumes from unqualified candidates. Our proven recruiting process ensures a custom fit between your needs and our candidates. We carefully evaluate each candidate, screen for skills, education, experience, and personal goals, to make certain they match your corporate culture.